The Company

The Company

Funded in 2007, RECALTECH is a technology based company specialized in the plasma technology. The company focuses the research and development of equipment and processes dedicated to the industrial application of plasma technology.

RECALTECHS activities encompasses the research and development of technological solutions in the areas of materials, energy, and environment.

In the research projects carried out, new equipment and process concepts are tested through prototypes installed at RECALTECH´s industrial unit and, later, scaled up and transferred to the client´s industrial plant. Among the activities involved in this kind of work are: engineering services; equipment supply and assembly; commissioning and assistance for the operation of industrial plants.

RECALTECH is focused in the development of sustainable solutions applicable to:

  • materials synthesis;
  • metals recovery;
  • renewable energy from waste;
  • strategic materials recycling;
  • and destruction of hazardous waste.

Constituted by a team of researchers and technicians formerly engaged in plasma research at the Technological Research Institute of the State of São Paulo - IPT, RECALTECH's activities are funded in more than 30 years of research and development work in the thermal plasma area.