Plasma Torches

Plasma Torches

plasma torches

Plasma torches combine fluid flow and electrical discharge to heat gases, condensed phases, or both. The design of a plasma torch is carried out such as to allow itself to produce temperatures above 3000°C for long periods of time.

To establish an electrical arc it is necessary at least two electrodes (a cathode and an anode). In a plasma torch the electric arc can remain confined in the interior of the torch or be exposed to the process environment.

RECALTECH produces two types of plasma torches:

  • Non-transferred-arc plasma torches (or arc gas heaters), which essentially comprise two electrodes and in which the plasma generating electric arc remains confined. The result of the operation of this type of device is a hot gas flux.

  • Transferred-arc plasma torches, which comprise only one electrode. The other electrode is generally a molten batch to which the arc is transferred. The use of this type o plasma device results in the plasma arc to be exposed to the process and thus to directly interact with working medium.